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Where To Go Now

This website is always being updated, please check back soon!

Last updated March 3, 2008




This is supposed to be a helpful page in which you can find everything you need to be successful on the diet. We also want to assure you, that many products can be found at your local health food store. We are not affiliated and do not profit from any of these links, we just want to make the protocol a success for you.

Where to buy hCG (clinics)
  · GHI Medical
  · Native Healing Ways
  · Releana
  · HCG Medical

  • Body Solutions RX

Where to buy hCG (overseas pharmacies)
  · Drug Delivery
  · Medoutlet
  · Natural hCG
  · Eurobolic

  · Viagra-Vitamins

  · Anabolic Pharma

Search for an organic retailer near you
  · Eat Well Guide
  · Eat Wild
  · Whole Foods
  · Trader Joes
  · Local Harvest

  · Diamond Organics Order meat and other organic products online

Calorie Counters
  · Calorie Lab
  · My Calorie Counter
  · Calorie King
  · Fit Day
  · Life Form

  · Spark People

Recipes (Injection Phase)
  · HCG Recipes
(Tammy): A fantastic cookbook filled with everything from salads to dessert for the injection phase. This E book is on sale now and also includes tips and explanations! Look for the bonus Maintenance Phase recipes as well.
  · HCG Recipes
(Renee): A delicious, daily recipe for free!

  · I Am Worth It
  · The Progress of Biz
  ∙ Amie's Blogspot

  ∙ TN Gal's Blogspot
Subscribe to an hCG newsletter here
View a VLOG from Shalom, an hCG Dieter
  ∙ Lisa's Blog

  ∙ Wendy's hCG Journey

Scales (We use Healthometer for our body and VMA Digital Kitchen Scale by Virtual Measurements for weighing our food)
Search on Ebay for the kitchen scale (~$40)
  ∙ Chefmate Digital:
This scale gives the calories of the food being weighed($29.99)
You can find Healthometer at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, etc. ranging from $20-$80. We like the version that provides BMI and water percentage.

  ∙ To weigh food you can also use a WeighMax postal scale which weighs in grams or ounces for about $20 on Ebay or Amazon.
  ∙ Kitchrics Nutrition Label ScaleThis scale is amazing.  It displays 10 key elements of weighed foods (calories, calories from fat, sugars, sodium, etc.), has 99 user customizable food entries, along with 999 pre-programmed foods.  It' a little more expensive at $49.99, but has many additional features.

  ∙ Weight Watchers Scale: This scale measures in .1 pound increments and gives consistent readings.  Find it at Linens N Things ($49.99), or here

Stevia (Sugar substitute allowed during protocol)
  · Stevia Smart
An assortment of flavors which we love to use in sparkling water to make our own “sodas.” Hello Root Beer :)
  · SteviaDent
(gum!! For those who cannot live without it like me!)
  ∙ Amazon
also has an assortment of Stevia available

  · Body Ecology The founder of this company is responsible for introducing Stevia to the US (she also wrote a Stevia cookbook).  Many find that Body Ecology is not as "bitter" as others.

  • NOW Stevia Available in both liquid and packet form. 

Support Group
  · hCG Dieters on Yahoo In my opinion, this is the be all and end all of places on the web for hCG. It has so many user who are extremely friendly and helpful. It is the greatest place for information and support
  ∙ hCG2 Dieters This group focuses on the maintenance phase and beyond. It is basically for sharing tips, troubles, and recipes.

  ∙ hCG Support group This is a great group for any stage in the protocol.  Great for answering questions and positive responses. 

Teas (Recommended by many people and help the body suppress hunger naturally: Oolong/WuLong; Yerba Mate; Eleotin; and Smooth Move (to get the junk out))
  · Iherb Just search for the teas above; you should find them here
  · WuLong
  · Moving Tea

  · Eleotin

  · Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea (a moving tea)

  · Yerba Mate Tea The best price available on the internet for organic Yerba Mate. 

Fun and Useful Information:
  • Find out what kind of fish to buy here
  • Build a virtual model (especially great to compare before and after sizes if you are photo-phobic)
  • An article about abnormal fat versus lean body mass
  • A video about preparing hCG injections
  • A great site to check out what the ingredients mean in everyday products                                                            

  • This 135-page book is what you need to fill in all the gaps that Kevin Trudeau left in his, leaving you hanging. It's a comprehensive guide giving step by step instructions for completing the hCG diet protocol successfully with "everything you need to know and lots that you didn't even know that you needed to know," as one reader described it.  Please visit this website for more information.  

  • A website which has all the studies and transcripts of the FDA meetings regarding MSG and artificial sweeteners, etc. on their site.

 • A website which has a sugar to Stevia conversion chart.  

 • A website which describes Emotional Freedom Techniques; these are useful to eliminate cravings, as well as many other problems as well. 

 • Research on the dangers of Aspartame:  Aspartame Kills, Aspartame Toxicity Info Center, Dorway Findings, CDC Reports Sudden Cardiac Death Nation's #1 Killer, The Bressler Report, and Sweet Misery Video

 • Information on Splenda

 • A great site to visit if you are interested in "protocol friendly" personal care products  

 • Learn about Ionic foot baths (these draw all the toxins out of your body by soaking your feet in water and ions).  Watch a video and read an article about Ionic Foot Baths. 

 • A website that has 6 super foods to kill off Candida

 • To continue with living healthier, you may want to look into Cell Food, which is basically a mild detox.  Learn more here.  

 • Instead of eating chemical ridden food, you can decide to grow your own food in gardens.  You can get started with an Aero Garden Seed Kit.  Here is a Salad Greens Kit.  Also look for cherry tomatoes and strawberries.  Earthbox is also a garden in a box.  

 • Here is an interesting article about the effects of detoxification and how your body will feel sick before it begins to feel healthy. 

 • Grow your own Stevia garden, buy the seeds here

 • For a short version of Dr. Simeons' diet and other theories that support hCG, visit this website.  

 • For information on keeping healthy bacteria alive in your body, visit this website.  The website also has great information on living healthy inside and out!

 • Learn about all the benefits of an infared sauna (a few highlights:  aid in cellulite reduction, help sweat glands function properly, and create soft skin).  You can also buy the saunas on Ebay for under $200. 

Find information and research on the use of hCG here:
• hcg Obesity Dr. Belluscio's website which has a wealth of information. He is Dr. Simeons successor and this is *THE* place to go for research
   • hCG Diet Info

   • Read a letter to the Editor from Simeons in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1963) defending his protocol and clarifying "studies" which do not reflect his findings. 

   • Read "Chorionic Gonadotropin in Obesity" The experience and clinical observations of Dr. Harry Gusman of using Dr. Simeons protocol printed in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1969). 

   • Read a study (2004) by Dr. Belluscio on the validity of using hCG to remove abnormal fat deposits. 






























Thank you for visiting!  Please come back often for new information and updates!