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Sublingual Method

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Last updated March 3, 2008



This is a great option for those of us who are scared to administer shots to ourselves.  For those people doubting the sublingual version, Dr. Belluscio (Simeons predecessor) created the original oral hCG and uses it for his patients in Argentina.  The dosage is higher because it is absorbed differently into the body (sublingually we absorb 50% of substances as opposed to 95% absorption in injections). Many people, including us, have had great success on this version of the hCG.  Another benefit of the sublingual version is that there are no immunity issues, meaning you can use the sublingual version for more than 43 days without a problem. The negative aspect is you need to buy more hCG due to the higher dosage, which ultimately costs more money.

Mixing Instructions


Personal Notes

Sublingual Tips

Mixing Instructions
Due to a patent pending formula, it is illegal to provide mixing instructions on the world wide web.  If you are interested in such instructions, please email and we can direct you to the source.  We must note, however, that it is incorrect and dangerous to give people this kind of information without first visiting a physician. hCG is a prescription drug and it is advised that people should not be try this at home on their own.  Many doctors nationwide use a sublingual version of hCG.  For a list of providers, please visit here


Courtesy of Gloria (to entirely understand this process, please email

Some might think it strange that I used alcohol, but it's commonly used when making a tincture in
herbology. The desirable qualities of some herbs can only be extracted by using alcohol. Also, I believe the alcohol will have a preservative effect, too. The small amount of alcohol acts to improve
absorbability and doesn't have any effect on your system at that small of a dosage. The B12 mix just helps augment your supplements intake level.

(You can use any little bottle, but an amber glass bottle is recommended in the making of tinctures, too, as exposure to sunlight, etc., can be damaging to the efficacy of formulations. The dark color of the bottle acts to protect the ingredients inside.)

I did not worry about pH levels when I originally posted the first version of the recipe, but Iím doing further research about that. Iíve counted on the formulation of the B12 complex, already intended to be taken sublingually, to have a pH level which would not be adversely affected by the addition of the hCG or the small amount of alcohol. As I say, Iím doing further research as time allows.

I originally ordered the B12 complex from Amazon but you can get B12 sublingual liquid from any
good vitamins and supplements website.

For accurate dosing, I ordered what is called a Slip-Tip Disposable Tuberculin Syringes in a 1 ml size (a syringe with no needle, but with accurate markings on the sides) and, using a chemical-proof marking pen, marked the .5 mLs dosage on the syringe. You open the bottle, dip the syringe in, pull up to the .5 mL line, and squirt under the tongue. Hold there as long as you can and then, okay to swallow. That's your dose, twice a day. I space my dosings approx. 12 hours apart (i.e., 7:30 a.m. when I get up and 7:30 p.m. for the 2nd dose).

I mixed the hCG inside its ampoule by using a hypodermic needle I have to squirt the alcohol into the ampoule. (I originally got the hypo for re-filling my fountain pen cartridges. Don't worry, I treated everything in a sterile fashion!) I then used the hypodermic needle to extract the reconstituted hCG from the ampoule and then to inject it into the 15 ml bottle of the mix. I'm sure you lose a little of the hCG just because of some clinging to the hypo, etc., but I would still estimate the IUs are pretty accurate, all things considered.

I believe, too, that, because you're taking it sublingually, you don't need to be as sterile as with an
injection, so, this could be easier for a lot of people who might want to try this method. This is not to be taken that you can be sloppy while doing this--you should always have as clean a mixing situation as you can and use precautions to prevent contamination.

You will get eyed with suspicion if you try to get a syringe from the pharmacy at your local store but if you look in the baby section, they have rubber-topped (squeeze bulb), plastic tubes with mL markings which can be substituted for a syringe. I like the syringe better for dosing, but something from the baby section can be substituted.

If you Google "slip tip disposable tuberculin syringe" you can find them individually. They are used for hand-feeding baby birds so you can find them at pet supply websites.

One other note: I believe you could probably do the above with just distilled water, alcohol, and
hCG, too, but I haven't tried that. Besides, the B12 complex is good for you!

Personal Notes

1. In our opinion, the "best" way to create the sublingual hCG is by using three liquids: B12, alcohol, and bacteriostatic water. It is our opinion that the bacteriostatic water helps keep the hCG to maintain its potency for about 30 days (rather than using distilled water).  If you are using a 1500 ampoule, potency should not be an issue, but if you are using 5000 or 10000, you really should consider using bacteriostatic water. You can buy the bac-water from any of the places listed here.

2. If you want an exact "recipe" for the sublingual version using all three liquids, please email us at . It is very clear and helpful for those who like exact step by step instructions. Thank you Paula for creating such clear, precise instructions.

3.  We personally think sublingual is the best method for this diet.  You don't have to stick yourself with a needle (and fear mistakes); the cost of supplies is incredibly less, and there will be no worries about how deep the needle was placed and/or if any hCG leaked out of the injection location.  We think the sublingual method is more practical, cheaper (even though you need to buy more hCG), and safer. 

Sublingual Tips

1. Make sure you hold the dose under your tongue for 15-30 minutes; then swallow the rest.  The purpose of holding it in your mouth for so long is for it to absorb into your blood stream via the mucous membranes in your mouth under your tongue.  Try to refrain from swallowing while the liquid is under your tongue.

2. If you are experiencing hunger, try to take your dose 30 minutes before you eat especially in the evening. If you wait to take it until after you eat, you can start feeling hungry probably because of the sorbitol in the B12 sublingual. (A type of sweetener). Also eat your fruits first then your meal The natural sugars in the apple can cause hunger.

3. Do NOT freeze the hCG; instead wrap it in foil to keep light out and store in the refrigerator.

4. FOR SUBLINGUAL ONLY: You can use the same "syringe" for dosages. Make sure you run water through it after every use and store it in a plastic bag until your next dose , as the alcohol in the mixture will get it sticky if you don't. However, the syringe used for mixing should not be reused.

5. Make sure your mouth is clean (i.e. brush your teeth before you take the hCG).

6. Don't drink anything before or after for at least 15 minutes.

7.  If you are having trouble holding the mixture under your tongue for 15 minutes you can tilt your head slightly forward and keep yourself busy (do the dishes, read emails, etc.)  

8.  Something to simplify the measurement of the morning and evening doses:  a spray bottle used for HgH which exactly measures .25 mL with each spray. 



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