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Getting Started

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Step 1: Get Informed

Pounds & Inches

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Step 2: How to Get hCG

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Get Informed

Everyone who has followed this diet to success has done so with the use of Dr. A.T.W. Simeon’s , M.D. manuscript titled Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. This is the brilliant man that not only discovered the cure for obesity, but also the cure for malaria and made many other medical breakthroughs throughout his career. It is highly recommended that you read the protocol to determine if the program is something you are willing to take on. To state the process simply, you inject or sublingually ingest hCG for 23-43 days and follow a strict 500 calorie diet for those 23-43 days. After that phase, you move to a maintenance or stabilization phase which is crucial to the success of the diet: eat anything you want except sugars and starches for three weeks. Then, you move to the rest of your life, and eat whatever you want!  The program works because it resets your diencephalon (the hypothalamus and thalamus together) which will also resets your weight. If you follow the protocol to a "T" you will remain within 2 pounds of that weight forever! Please, do yourself a favor and read the manuscript.  Then re-read it for further understanding.  This is the meat of the program and it is extremely important to understand and follow it exactly.

Click here for Dr. Simeon’s Pounds & Inches


Here is a brief summary of the diet (just to get you acquainted with the material). You can also print this summary here to keep on your refrigerator for easy access and a clear point of reference.

Day 1 & 2 (First and Second days of Injection) You must eat to capacity of the most fattening food you can get down until you have had the third injection. You should eat more than usual, this is to ensure all normal and structural fat is full. 

Day 3 is when you begin this 500 Cal diet (VLCD).  Every item in the list is very carefully studied, continually stressing the point that no variations may be introduced. All things not listed are forbidden, and the patient is assured that nothing permissible has been left out. The 100 grams of meat must be scrupulously weighed raw after all visible fat has been removed. To do this accurately the patient must have a letter-scale, as kitchen scales are not sufficiently accurate and the butcher should certainly not be relied upon. Those patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish.


∙     Any amount of liquid can be drunk as long as you drink at least 2 liters.

∙     Water

∙     Coffee

∙     Tea

∙     1 TBS (tablespoon) of milk a day

You can have 2 servings of meat a day.  Do not combine the servings.  Each serving is 100 grams (3.5 oz).  All meat is to be weighed raw (before cooking).  Remove all visible fat before weighing. Occasionally when the thought of meat is disgusting you can have a total of 2 eggs in this combination: one whole and 3 whites either boiled, poached, or raw.  In addition, 100 grams of skimmed milk cottage cheese can be substituted.  No other cheeses are allowed.  If you are a vegetarian (see below) you can substitute the meat for 500 cc of skimmed milk, even turning the milk into curds (but weight loss is usually cut in 1/2 for such modifications).

Allowed meat is:

   ·     Veal

∙     Beef (London Broil, Sirloin, Top Round, and Beef Tenderloin are the leanest choices)

∙     Kidneys

∙     Chicken Breast (this means only the breast from chicken only no other bird. Take the meat from the bone before cooking.)

∙     Fresh white fish (no salmon, eel, herring, mackerel, dried, or pickled fish)

∙     Lobster

∙     Crabs

∙     Shrimp

∙     Prawns

Do not mix the vegetables; you can have 2 servings a day

∙     Spinach                                                            ∙     Fennel

∙     Chard                                                               ∙     Onions

∙     Beet Greens                                                    ∙     Red Radishes

∙     Green Salad                                                    ∙     Cucumbers

∙     Tomatoes                                                        ∙     Asparagus

∙     Celery                                                              ∙     Cabbage

2 fruits a day do not eat a the same time

∙     1 Apple

∙     1 Orange (not tangerines)

∙     1 handful of strawberries

∙     ˝ grapefruit

2 breads a day not to be eaten at the same time

∙     1 Melba toast

∙     1 Grissini

The juice of one lemon can be used daily. Any spices are OK. Vinegar is good to have.  Sweeteners can be used.  No fat, oil, butter, or dressing.  You do not have to eat all the food allotted for one day. If you do not eat from a food group it can not be added to the next days amount. Specially prepared unsweetened low calorie foods can be eaten, just be careful.

The diet is 500 calories a day. The daily food intake should include 200 grams of meat or protein.  Do not exceed 500 calories. 

There is no objection to breaking up the two meals. For instance having a breadstick and an apple for breakfast or before going to bed, provided they are deducted from the regular meals. The whole daily ration of two breadsticks or two fruits may not be eaten at the same time, nor can any item saved from the previous day be added on the following day. In the beginning patients are advised to check every meal against their diet sheet before starting to eat and not to rely on their memory. It is also worth pointing out that any attempt to observe this diet without HCG will lead to trouble in two to three days.

It should also be mentioned that two small apples weighing as much as one large one never the less have a higher caloric value and are therefore not allowed though there is no restriction on the size of one apple. Some people do not realize that chicken breast does not mean the breast of any other fowl, nor does it mean a wing or drumstick.

Sample Menus

Click here to see a sample weekly menu courtesy of Paula.

Click here to see a sample daily menu


How to get hCG

After you’ve decided that the protocol is right for you, you need to find out how to obtain it. This is a daunting task, and we are just trying to give you information we discovered and researched. There are two main ways to get hCG: through a doctor or from an overseas pharmaceutical company.

Through a doctor:


There are clinics throughout the United States which provide hCG to their patients. These clinics are more expensive than if you chose to do the route alone, but have the added benefit of being under a doctor’s care. We highly encourage you to either go to your own doctor with Pounds & Inches in hand, explain the diet and ask your doctor to review it and possibly write a prescription for you., or go to one of the following clinics. You can also do a clinic search for “yourlocation hCG” at

∙     GHI Medical: This clinic begins with an overall blood work for $400 and then continues at $270 a month for the shots which you have to mix on your own. Note: GHI modifies the original Simeons protocol

∙     Native Healing Ways: This clinic provides pre-loaded syringes via overnight mail. The cost is $129 start-up fee plus $49 a week for the shots. Note: NHW modified the original Simeons protocol.

∙     Releana: This is a clinic in Newport Beach, CA that has come up with a patented sublingual (oral, under the tongue) hCG formula that they sell in their clinic, as well as a number of affiliated doctors around the country (listed on the website). They sell you a 30 day supply for $250.

∙     HCG Medical: This company requires a blood test and questionnaire and the entire process takes about 7-10 days from start to finish. Customer service is great and they work through LabCorp, which has many locations across the country. After the blood work is completed hCG Medical calls in the prescription for you.

   ∙     Body Solutions RX: This is a clinic in Colorado Springs, Co.  They are extremely customer friendly and have many locations throughout the world.  They also provide injections through the mail as well.  

You can also try asking your own doctor to prescribe hCG to you (in the states it is only manufactured by Noveral and is available in 10000 ampoules). Most doctors, given enough time to digest the information and enough time to study the cases, are willing to let you try at least one 23 day cycle of this. Because when injected in moderation by a reputable medical professional and purchased from a reputable pharmaceutical company, hCG is not harmful; but rather, it is very beneficial for many things. The best approach is to take some research to your doctor's office and drop it off. By research, we mean Pounds & Inches, as well as true medical information, not only testimonials from people who self administer (although there is some merit in that). Ask the front desk to get the doctor to read through the information with the understanding that you want to try the protocol. It may take some time for the doctor to decide to go along with it and if it doesn't work with the first doctor, try again with a different doctor.  Many women have found that their OB/GYN is willing to test it since they are familiar with the use of hCG (for fertility treatment).  The problem for most doctors is the frivolous lawsuits. 

On your own:

This route is much less expensive and can be managed, but this option requires a patient person because it entails waiting and waiting for the hCG to arrive in the mail from an overseas pharmaceutical company.  We have found four reputable places online to buy hCG. If you decide to do the protocol on your own, you should still consult a doctor and ask to be checked out every so often. This can help you, but it can also help the doctor to open his or her eyes about the truth of using hCG as a weight loss cure. Note: When searching the websites, be sure to search for Pregnyl or Organon. 

Where to order:

∙     Drug Delivery This, in our opinion, is the best place to order from, they have low prices on the hCG, the shipping is high ($28.50), but it is guaranteed and they will replace any lost, broken, or confiscated deliveries. The expected shipping time is anywhere from 15-28 days. If you use Drug Delivery, please input the customer ID “160595” as the person who referred you.

∙     Medoutlet (additional names for the company are Fitness Med, All Drugs Online, and Viagra Vitamins).  This place is the cheapest, not only in hCG, but also in shipping ($5). The delivery time is often shorter than Drug Delivery, but it is not guaranteed and it is often not packaged very carefully, causing the ampoules to break. There are also problems with payment at times, with long delays to fix the problem.

∙     Natural hCG This company has extremely long shipping (6-8 weeks) and higher prices, but is customer friendly and very responsive; it also provides all the supplies necessary for the protocol. They are currently experiencing such long shipping times because of low inventory.

∙     Eurobolic We have no experience with this company, but a few of our friends have used them and say they are good. Eurobolic has the quickest shipping (usually 7-10 days), but higher prices and relatively high shipping ($20), since it is not guaranteed.

   ∙     Anabolic Pharma This company has good prices and great shipping times (Usually 10-14 days).   It is extremely difficult to locate the hCG on the website (we had to send an email asking for the hCG, as we could not find it listed on their site). 

  ∙     Viagra Vitamins This is a relatively cheap and reliable company.  Three 5000 ampoules of hCG cost $59.50 including shipping. Enough for three 23 day injections. Usually arrives within two weeks from ordering.

NOTE: Beware of companies that only accept Western Union for payment; these companies are most likely scams and do not even carry hCG.

What to order:
Courtesy of David: 

For a 43 day program, you want one (1) 10000IU ampoule, two (2) 5000 IU ampoules, or  six (6) 1500 IU ampoules. The difference to consider between choosing the 10000 IU, 5000 IU or the 1500 IU has only to do with potency (in other words how long the HCG stays fresh in the fridge after mixing).  This point has been debated, and it has been stated by several different people who are doing research on this that the hCG will last up to one month in the fridge and it probably will. If you are willing to spend the extra $ (for (6) 1500 IU ampoules) you would be mixing a new batch of HCG every week. So it would only stay in the fridge for 7-8 days instead of 25-28. You only use what you need and discard the remainder.

Suggestion about storing 5000IU mixture in the fridge: If you choose the 5000 IU method, use only 23 injections from the first mixture then throw the rest away, and then mix your second ampoule to use for the remainder of your treatment. This way you are only storing the HCG for 22 days in the fridge instead of 25-28. There would be less chance of the HCG losing potency this way.

NOTE: Due to reports that the US government has been cracking down on other countries shipping steroids to the US, we recommend that you buy as much hCG as you will need for all of the rounds you plan to do. You can estimate that you will lose 15-20 pounds in a 23 day round, or 30-40 pounds in a 46 day round, so go from there. This will also mean you will pay the shipping and handling fee only once.

WARNING:  Dr. Belluscio is adamant about seeking the help of a medical professional.  He warns: 

Please let me remind you again, and again, and again, that hCG is a PRESCRIPTION drug that MUST be dispensed by a licensed Physician.

hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program. hCG administration is just ONE aspect of the complete hCG +diet program.

Unfortunately many Healthcare Professionals modified the original method based on their own assumptions on how the method operates.

In some cases modifications were performed to the extent that they do not include any of the basic and fundamental postulates of the hCG protocol, resulting in UNWANTED or side-effects.

We set forth that much of the negative publicity surrounding the method is due to the lack of proper validation by the appropriate governmental agencies, such that it has been marginally performed often by untrained personnel, under uncontrolled conditions. Thus, the protocol has been modified or misinterpreted, leading to unsuccessful results.

To obtain medical advice concerning obesity and safe ways to lose weight, or other medical matters, seek the counsel of a knowledgeable and competent specialized physician.
Dr. Daniel Belluscio
Director- The hCG Research Clinic

Supplies for injecting:

You need syringes, Bacteriostatic water, empty sterile vials, needles (1/2" for SQ and 1 1/2" for IM), and daily alcohol wipes

Length of needle: It is most commonly believed that a 1" needle is needed for most of our applications. That is long enough to reach deep in the muscle for better absorption of the HCG. The recommended injection method is IM (intramuscular) by Dr. Simeons. It is possible you may need a 1 ˝ inch needle. This would be necessary if the amount of fat you have in the injection site is substantial. Something easy to do to check: pinch the fat on the front of leg and arm (not the back of the arm, the side of the arm, deltoid muscle) to see how much you have.  If you can easily feel muscle then use a 1", if you can pinch an inch or more of tissue and cannot feel muscle then the longer needle is ok. Also, you don't have to insert the needle all the way to the hub of the needle. (For those that don't know what the hub is, it's where the needle meets the syringe). A 1/2" needle is too short for an IM injection, but the perfect size for subcutaneous shots which would be administered in the belly fat.

**Use a GLASS vial to store your mixed hCG in: Many have questioned why they can’t just use the 30cc vial the Bac-water comes in. That vial is PLASTIC. Plastic is okay for water only. Also, the glass vial blocks UVA and UVB light that could break down the hCG.  The kits listed at HCG Supplies show you exactly what you need to order for each ampoule size of hCG and for different durations of the program. They also provide a free mixing guide for more dosages if you desire one different from those described here.

Where to buy supplies:

∙     HCG Supplies This is a great place to buy complete kits if you order the hCG online. The shipping is extremely fast for this company, and oftentimes people order the hCG and the supplies at the same time, then sit at home with the supplies for weeks before the hCG arrives.

∙     Research Supply Cheap prices, and kits are now available.  Shipping is usually 2-3 days.

∙     GPZ Services Cheap prices, but no kits available. 

Blood Work:

If you would like a before and after picture of your blood levels/cholesterol,/etc. there are two inexpensive places to go: or


Decide if hCG is right for you:

Before you begin using hCG, you need to evaluate your determination to win the battle of the bulge. You need to be willing to completely commit to the program and follow the exact directions of Dr. Simeons. This protocol will NOT work unless you stick to the 500 calorie diet. This protocol will NOT work unless you eat the allowed foods. Do NOT do this diet if you immediately want to make substitutions and changes to the protocol; it isn't worth your time or money because the diet will not work unless you strictly adhere to Dr. Simeons protocol.

One thing everyone needs to remember is that we will all react differently, not just to the hCG, but also to increasing the water, and lowered calorie count. Some will be just fine, others will get sick. There is no one way to react to this protocol and we will all lose weight at different rates. It is important to note that nobody has died while on this protocol and it has been used in India for years. EVERYBODY who has followed the protocol has lost weight - some faster than others yes, but it will come off eventually. Whether you have 5 lbs to lose or 500 lbs, this will work.

If you read through the protocol and have an immediate need to deviate from the protocol, this diet is not for you. If you are unwilling to commit enough to the program to research it, read Pounds & Inches, and follow Dr. Simeons instructions, this diet is not for you.  

The research of Dr. Simeons shouldn't be taken lightly or haphazardly. If you approach this protocol as you have other diets (i.e. looking for the fast easy way or trying to change it at every opportunity or even drop the program suddenly) you're going to be extremely disappointed. Simple as that. Please, don't approach the diet in this manner.  Every day that you administer hCG remind yourself that this is a medical protocol.  You don't try to change or deviate from a MEDICAL PROTOCOL, so do not take that attitude with this.  

Point blank:  this program works. At times, it is difficult to stay on plan.  It is restrictive (hello 26 available foods). But what matters most is the fact that the results are unbelievable if you simply follow the protocol exactly.  A call to personal responsibility is crucial; it is fully your responsibility to research every aspect of this protocol before you begin.  Only YOU can be responsible for what you do in your life, so go out and get educated about the protocol.  It is only up to you whether you succeed or fail because when it boils down to it, only *you* control what you put into your mouth!

Endocrine Dysfunctions

This diet works for everyone, even those who have found weight loss aids impossible to use due to endocrine dysfunctions such as hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, diabetes and PCOS.  For more information on thyroid dysfunctions please visit here, here,  and here.  There is a debate about remaining on the medication for the above disorders while on the hCG protocol. Dr. Simeons believed that there should be no medication taken while on the hCG protocol. However, many people have remained on their medication and lost weight. More importantly, Dr. Belluscio mandates:  "
when undergoing the hCG protocol, you must not discontinue any medication prescribed by your Physician."  Since I am hypothyroid, I spoke with several doctors before making my own decision about whether or not to continue my synthroid. I was told that in order for the thyroid to show any change, one must be off of the medication for three months to show either a positive or negative change. Therefore, those who stop their meds cold turkey still have the meds in their system which does not provide an accurate reading. In addition to this fact, the synthroid or other medication, does not affect the diencephalon and will not interfere with the hCG. Many doctors told me to remain on my medication, so I did; and I lost a lot of weight. Was it as much as I could have lost without the medication? I think so, but I'll never know. The decision is yours, but we want to stress the fact that the protocol works whether you remain on your medication or not.

Dr. Simeons explains how he believes thyroid medication can effect the protocol:

It has been our experience that those patients who have been taking thyroid preparations for long periods have a slightly lower average loss of weight under treatment with HCG than those who have never taken thyroid. This is even so in those patients who have been taking thyroid because they had an abnormally low basal metabolic
rate. In many of these cases the low BMR is not due to any intrinsic deficiency of the thyroid gland, but rather to a lack of diencephalic stimulation of the thyroid gland via the anterior pituitary lobe. We never allow thyroid to be taken during treatment, and yet a BMR which was very low before treatment is usually found to be normal after a
week or two of HCG + diet. Needless to say, this does not apply to those cases in which a thyroid deficiency has been produced by the surgical removal of a part of an overactive gland. It is also most important to ascertain whether the patient has taken diuretics (water eliminating pills) as this also decreases the weight loss under the
HCG regimen.

NOTE: Do NOT stop any prescribed medications without the knowledge and approval of your personal physician. Supplements may be discontinued or not based on their composition and their effect on your weight loss.


Support Groups for Thyroid dysfunctions: 

Natural Thyroid Hormones

Natural Thyroid Hormones Adrenals


Learn even more here.

Vegans and Vegetarians

While it may appear that this diet is not for vegetarians and vegans, Dr. Simeons made a note regarding this group, and there is additional information to consider. First of all, Dr. Simeons allowed the substitution of eggs (1 egg + 3 egg whites), cottage cheese (100 grams of skimmed   milk), and/or 500 cc of skim milk which can be turned into curds. He states:

Strict vegetarians such as orthodox Hindus present a special problem, because milk and curds are the only animal protein they will eat. To supply them with sufficient protein of animal origin they must drink 500 cc. of skimmed milk per day, though part of this ration can be taken as curds. As far as fruit, vegetables and starch are concerned, their diet is the same as that of non-vegetarians [i.e. salad greens or specific veggies for lunch and dinner, and an orange, apple or strawberries for lunch and dinner along with the melba or grissini bread]; they cannot be allowed their usual intake of vegetable proteins from leguminous plants such as beans or from wheat or nuts, nor can they have their customary rice. In spite of these severe restrictions, their average loss is about half that of non-vegetarians, presumably owing to the sugar content of the milk.

For vegans, who do not consume any animal products, including dairy products, the problem is finding a source of high-quality protein that provides the amount of protein provided by the animal products, but ensuring that carbohydrates or calories are not being increased. For example, by eating 100 grams per serving of the proteins allowed on Dr. Simeons protocol, 100-200 calories are consumed with an average of 25-30 grams of true protein.  Nutritionally, 25 grams of protein is equal to 100 calories using the method of 4 calories per gram of protein.  Therefore, the remaining calories come from fat.  With two servings of protein per day, or 200-350 calories (since beef is to be eaten only once and is the highest caloric protein allowed), the bulk of the 500 allotted calories is for protein.  In summary, vegans would need to find an acceptable protein rich food that would provide them with about 50-60 grams of protein (25-30 grams two times a day), while keeping the calories below 350.

There are three possible substitutions which have been thought out and/or used by at least one person. The first is using a protein powder as an alternative. Before choosing a protein powder, you must carefully review ALL ingredients to ensure there are no sugars (-oses/aspartame) or additives (MSG).  One possibility is this.  From the nutritional information listed, 1 scoop provides 26 grams of protein and 175 calories, falling perfectly into the equations stated above.  Therefore, 2 scoops would provide 50 grams protein and 350 calories. That appears to be a possible substitution, plus 2 fruits and the balance of 500 calories in veggies could work.  However, to ensure you receive enough nutrients from the vegetables, we recommend that you pass on the melba/grissini. 

The second solution is to eat soy patties that you can treat like beef (eat no more than one serving per day).  You can drink soy protein or a different protein powder for your other serving of "meat" and/or eat non-fat soy cottage cheese.  Also, remember that some of the vegetables, such as cabbage, have protein in them. 

The third solution is to be directed to the Life Force Plan which can be found here. It is not an hCG protocol, but it is what Kevin Trudeau recommends for vegans.

NOTE: You should do your own very serious research, read Dr. Simeons very carefully, and consult a doctor who understands this protocol fully before embarking on it.

People with Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer, or other types of Cancer

There is a serious debate about whether or not people with cancer can safely use the hCG protocol. We recommend that you complete your own very serious research, but we do have some information to get you started. To begin with, we need to inform you that many doctors who administer hCG do not give treatment to those with cancer. The belief is that since hCG is used for fertility, they may fear that hCG might cause cells to grow, which could lead to the spread of cancerous cells. This is highly debated and there are many arguments for and against the use of hCG in people with cancer.

The first argument is whether or not hCG is a hormone, and even further a growth hormone. Dr. Simeons believe that hCG is not a hormone. He states:

"As often happens in medicine, much confusion has been caused by giving HCG its name before its true mode of action was understood. It has been explained that gonadotrophin literally means a sex-gland directed substance or hormone, and this is quite misleading. It dates from the early days when it was first found that HCG is able to render infantile sex glands mature, whereby it was entirely overlooked that it has no stimulating effect whatsoever on normally developed and normally functioning sex-glands. No amount of HCG is ever able to increase a normal sex function; it can only improve an abnormal one and in the young hasten the onset of puberty. However, this is no direct effect. HCG acts exclusively at a diencephalic level and there brings about a considerable increase in the functional capacity of all those centers which are working at maximum capacity.
The other side is that medical journals have classified hCG as a hormone. People believe it is a growth hormone because of the inclusion of hCG in today's drug bust regarding anabolic steroids. People on this side argue: why do you have to go to a doctor to get it or order it illegally? They answer that it is a hormone and cite the definition of a hormone: "a hormone, such as insulin or estrogen, is a substance released by an organ or tissue that controls the activity of organs or cells in another part of the body. The organs or glands that release hormones are part of the endocrine system. Hormones may also be taken as medications, such as birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy."

This debate is relevant to those with cancer because the next question is does hCG decrease the chance/spread of cancer, or does it feed it and make it grow stronger. Three cases which support the latter are as follows:

From a Science article:

"Because hCG or its variants, ßhCG and hCG-H, are produced by all types of solid tumor cancers, CGT’s strategy of targeting them offers a therapeutic approach that may work for a wide variety of malignancies.

hCG is the hormone detected by most pregnancy tests. It is produced by human embryos and is essential for their implantation and growth in the womb. It shields the embryo from the mother’s immune system and stimulates the growth of blood vessels that nourish the fetus.

When the hCG variants, ßhCG and hCG-H are produced by metastatic cancer cells, they begin to promote the nourishment, growth and spread of cancer. The hCG variants’ powerful cytokine-like effects allow tumors to grow undisturbed by the immune system, contributing to terminal illness in most types of cancer including lung, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, breast and a wide variety of other solid tumors."


"I have a friend who got hCG treatment in the mid-80s. She had had a very large (size of a watermelon!) cancerous tumor in her abdomen 10 years earlier, wasn't expected to survive the operation to remove it, but did. She went on to be cancer free from then on. She did the hCG injections from a clinic in California for a year -- 2 weeks on hCG, one week on B12 shots, etc. A year after stopping treatment she developed a large non-cancerous uterine tumor and she blames the hCG for it. To be fair, she has a history of tumors and cancer. But she wishes she hadn't done the hCG."


"A woman that my parents knew was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant (I don't know what type of cancer it was). She chose not to terminate the pregnancy, which meant that she wouldn't be able to be treated for the cancer until after she had the baby. She ended up dying within a few months after the baby was born - the doctors said that the pregnancy hormones had really sped up the growth of the cancer and by the time they could treat her, it was too late. Personally, I would be wary of taking the hCG if I had cancer. The Pregnyl package even says to make sure you notify your doctor before taking hCG if you have cancer."

However, the main side of the other argument lies in the fact that people with cancer get pregnant and have hCG is in their bodies at a much larger amount. Women with cancer are not told not to get pregnant.  If hCG was dangerous, why would the medical profession want/allow women cancer patients to go through pregnancies?  In addition, some studies actually showed that hCG could help in NOT having a relapse (Google hCG and type of cancer you have). In addition, people with breast cancer are usually informed that no pregnancies is one of the other increase risk factors.  So, what does pregnancy give the body? hCG.  Therefore, you could conclude that hCG exposure reduces the chance of breast cancer.

And one explanation for the tumor case above: tumors have HCG in them. When they try and find tumors in people they look for high levels of hCG, but it does not actually cause tumors to grow.

Another explanation for the confusion of hCG and its possible problems is that people are confused with taking HGH shots. HGH is a growth hormone that you would not want to take if you have had cancer because it could cause cells to grow. On the other hand, hCG is an anti aging hormone and if anything, it would cause cells to stop growing. Because pregnant ladies that have cancer usually have a slower growing time of their cancer because of hCG.

A final explanation that relates to hCG and cancer is related to the levels that become cancerous when are referring to a bodybuilder type that is taking MUCH MORE than we are. Read and Google some more on the topic; most of the information, however, supports the cancerous theory for people that take mass quantities everyday.

NOTE:  A representative from Weight Control of Texas said, "We have a few patients on our program that have had cancer in the past, they do great! Mary has owned this clinic for 36 years and has a great success rate and NO patient has EVER had any side effects or adverse side effects even when they have had cancer."  

Additional information regarding cancer

Consider the dosage that is in our bodies, somewhere between 125IU and 200IU TOTAL, and NOT per ml of blood. The pregnancy levels are given below in IU per ml of blood.

A pregnant woman produces a peak at about 10 weeks of gestation (since last menstrual period), at which time the median hCG concentration in serum or plasma samples is around 60,000 mIU/ml. At this time, the extremes of normal levels are approximately 5,000 to 150,000 mIU/ml. In the next 10 weeks (10 to 20 weeks of gestation), circulating hCG levels decline, reaching a median concentration of about 12,000 mIU/ml. Again, wide variation is found among individuals, concentrations ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 mIU/ml. The hCG concentrations remains at around this level, and with this variation from this time until term (20 to 40 weeks of gestation). See chart below:

Weeks from the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) Amount of hCG in mIU/ml
35 - 50
43 - 426
519 - 7,340
61,080 - 56,500
7-87,650 - 229,000
9-1225,700 - 288,000
13-1613,300 - 254,000
17-244,060 - 165,400
25 - 403,640 - 117,000

Fox News

For those interested in research, here's a link about HCG being used to treat breast cancer.

An interesting article from Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (1995) about treatment of hCG and the risk of breast cancer. 

NOTE: Please send any information you have regarding cancer to to update this section and provide more tools for those suffering.

hCG is Sterile and Safe for those who are candidates to use it

For those people concerned with the transmission of HIV or other diseases by using hCG, here is some information to put your mind at ease.

Can the HIV be passed through urine? Answer
No. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS (SIDA in Spanish), is transmitted via blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. There have been no documented cases of HIV contraction from urine, sweat, and saliva.

Some people may question how urine and fluid from the mouth can be tested for HIV, yet are not able to infect someone with HIV. It is highly unlikely that the urine or saliva of a person with HIV could spread HIV unless it contains visible blood (as stated here).

Finally, one would think that the donors are tested and reviewed just like blood donors.

For those who are concerned with the legal issue of hCG:  hCG is not on the DEA list of controlled substances.  To review the list, please visit here

Also, the US cannot stop the companies from sending hCG to the states because the companies are overseas and coming from places where hCG is available, legal, and over-the-counter. 

Side Effects

HCG has NO known side effects. However, there are a few things that some individuals have had problems with:

∙     Low blood sugar

∙     Menstrual changes

∙     Constipation

   ∙     Dry skin

These problems (and remedies) are addressed in Pounds & Inches

There have actually been many benefits reported while using hCG:

∙     Decreased or alleviation of chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia,      CFS

   ∙     Regulated menstrual cycles

   ∙     Mood elevation

   ∙     Increased Energy

   ∙     Improved blood sugar levels

   ∙     Improved cholesterol levels



























































































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