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Last updated March 3, 2008

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Hello and welcome to hcginfoonline.com! We are a website that is here to help people regain control of their lives and decide for themselves if hCG is the right choice. This is an information-only website designed to help those familiar and unfamiliar with Dr. Simeons cure begin, diet, maintain, and learn. We have compiled numerous bits of information regarding the diet and have tried to make the site as user friendly as possible. We are here for you to succeed and regain control!

Not long ago, we were searching the web for a place to go to find out all the information we needed, and it was a difficult task. We finally found a fantastic support group which provided so much information it was unbelievable. We are here to provide you with all the information we found (from many different sources) to make the process even easier for you and explain in depth the process of obtaining the cure for yourself and loved ones.

While this protocol is widely publicized from Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About, you do not need to buy (or even read) the book to understand Dr. Simeons' protocol. However, the book is a great source of information about healthy lifestyle changes both before and after the diet.  Such examples include Candida and Colon Cleanses which help reduce cravings. 

As a short summary about the diet, it is a protocol designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950's, and implemented by him in his clinic in Rome for about 15 years in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Dr. Simeons' book detailing the program, Pounds & Inches, is available on this website for free. The Simeons protocol is absolutely incredible and more importantly, it really works. The protocol requires that you inject (or ingest as modified by Dr. Belluscio) a small amount (125-250 IU) of hCG per day for a short period of time (23-46 days).  hCG is a well-known fertility hormone that's naturally produced by the female body during pregnancy. Some people self-administer the hCG via injections or orally, but it is highly recommended you seek a professional's help and use hCG under a doctor's care.  At the same time you are injecting or ingesting hCG, you go on a very specific VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) of 500 calories per day for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum (per Simeons) of about six weeks. The hCG stimulates your body to release stored "abnormal" fat which, in turn provides plenty of calories for your body (up to 3500).  The best part of the diet is that you could lose up to 1 pound of fat per day over that period. The hCG also ensures that you won't be particularly hungry during this process - really.

hCG isn't something that is readily available without a prescription, however, it is available on the internet, as are the other supplies you'll need.  You can find everything you need to get started here.  For easier access you can also look at the "where to go now" page. Doing this protocol takes a bit of planning and effort, but mainly discipline and focus. We believe that it's well worth the struggles because it enables us to noticeably lose fat and weight on a systematic and predictable basis for the first time in our lives.

This diet works, and it works for everyone. We have witnessed success from people of every age (17-78).  Those with medical conditions which usually prevent weight loss (like people with endocrine dysfunctions such as hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, diabetes and PCOS), also find that the diet works for them equally as well as someone with no medical conditions. This is the everyman's diet. It will work for you, you just need to be precise and commit to a period of 6-9 weeks to make it happen.

Not only do people achieve rapid weight loss and a healthier body, many people find they have increased restful sleep, increased energy, lessened joint pain, lessened menstrual cramps, disappearance of skin tags, and thicker, fuller hair. It is possible, though, that you can gain skin tags, lose hair, or have restless sleep.  You can expect to have the same side effects you had during pregnancy (for women). If you gained skin tags then, it is probable you will acquire some during the protocol. If your hair was fantastic during pregnancy, your hair will likely be fantastic while on the protocol. Pregnancy effects everyone differently, and so does hCG.

THANK YOU: Thank you Dr. Simeons for creating such an amazing diet; thank you Kevin Trudeau for bringing attention to the diet through your book The Weight Loss Cure; thank you hCG Dieters at Yahoo! You are all amazing people and we feel indebted to you for all the incredible information you provide. A special thanks to Paula, Gloria, David, Biz, Martha, Lynne, Kat Lee, Kay, SNL, Tammy, CC, Renee, JPS, Lesli, Tracy, Angela, Shalom, Lisa, Dave, Alice, Jen, Taneisha, and everyone else. This website would not be possible without you.  You will surely encounter advice you have given in the past, now available to everyone. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse, or anyone in the medical industry; I am merely a follower of the protocol and have experienced the amazing results first hand. Everything expressed on this site are only my opinions; do what you’d like with them!
  If you are overweight, hCG can help you lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds per day. This program has worked on thousands of people; it can work for you too!

I am an obese person who has been overweight or obese my entire life. I finally found a long-lasting cure for my weight problem and want to share the “secret” with everyone.

This diet has a proven success rate of 60-70% of patients who have little to no difficulty maintaining their new weight permanently.

"I can honestly say that this protocol has changed me more than any other diet I have done. Not only have I lost weight, but have more energy and I am certainly more in tune with my bodies signals, not a slave to the cravings anymore. I am enjoying fresh food! I am not just eating it because I know I should. I do believe that I will lose the weight and will be able to keep it off forever."--SNL

 "I just wanted to tell everyone. Incase it helps someone else. I have been a slow loser. Here I am at day 38 and I have lost 20.5 pounds. After the first few days it was very slow compared to others. For a period of 3-5 days I was around the same weight. I just figured I was the type of person who lost slowly. I started with IM, then I changed the doses, but nothing helped. Finally on day 24, I changed to oral. that seemed to help a little. A week later my mix of oral was not active any longer, so I mixed up a new batch. After that I started to do what one of the ladies I know is doing: eating her melba toast 2 times a day. Well for me that did the trick and helped my losses. Here are my weights:

08/03 Load (first shot)
08/04 Load (second shot)
1 08/05 241. (first day VLCD)
2 08/06 239. 2.0
3 08/07 237.6 3.4
4 08/08 235.8 5.2
5 08/09 235.2 5.8
6 08/10 233.2 7.8
7 08/11 233.4 7.6
8 08/12 233.8 7.2
9 08/13 233.4 7.6
10 08/14 233.0 8.0
11 08/15 234.0 (new scale)
12 08/16 232.1 8.9
13 08/17 232.4 8.6 (TOM)
14 08/18 231.4 9.6
15 08/19 230.6 10.4 (no shot)
16 08/20 230.2 10.8
17 08/21 229.7 11.3
18 08/22 228.8 12.2
19 08/23 228.8 12.2
20 08/24 227.9 13.1
21 08/25 228.1 12.9
22 08/26 227.5 13.5
23 08/27 227.5 13.5
24 08/28 227.4 13.6(1st oral dose)
25 08/29 227.0 14.0
26 08/30 225.8 15.2
27 08/31 225.5 15.5
28 09/01 225.6 15.4
29 09/02 224.9 16.1
30 09/03 224.4 16.6 (very hungry)
31 09/04 225.0 16.0 (new batch)
32 09/05 224.8 16.2
33 09/06 223.4 17.6
34 09/07 222.1 18.9
35 09/08 222.5 18.5
36 09/09 221.7 19.3
37 09/10 221.2 19.8
38 09/11 220.5 20.5